The foundation of the School was laid down by the eminent personality Mr. Satyanarayan Datta; an Advocate par excellence. He is an M.A. (1st class, 1st), Gold Medalist, LL.B, I.F.Y.E. (U.S.A), F. I.C.A.

Mr. Datta was born in the year 1939 in a middle class family. The main part of his childhood was spent in the remote village called Narrah in the District of Bankura, West-Bengal. Right from his childhood, he was a bright student and had a keen interest in the welfare of the village. He has served the village as the Pradhan of the Panchyet. He has also volunteered as the Headmaster of Narrah High School for a short period. He upheld the name of his village when he went to America and Europe as the Agriculture Ambassador of the Government of India in the year 1965.

About the Founder

Father’s Name : Late Dukha Bhanjan Datta
Date of Birth : Certificate age 13th September, 1941/ 25th August, 1939 Real Date of Birth.
Place of Birth : Village – Narrah, P.O. & District – Bankura-722155 W.B.

Ph: (03242) 264 265.Residence :Baisakhi Bhavan, Machantola, Bankura-722101 W.B.,

Phone (03242) 250348.City Office:7B, Kiron Sankar Roy Road, 4th Floor, Kolkata-700001,

Phone – (033) 2243 7385 (M) No. 9433175048


Educational Qualification :( 1)          Passed B.Sc. in 1961,

(2)          Studies AMIE in 1962-63 part I completed.

(3)          Left for USA in 1964.

(4)          Passed M.A. (Alternative Sociology) in 1969 securing 1st Class 1st  position & Gold Medal from All India Institute of Social Science, Agra (U.P.)

(5)          Passed LL.B in 1968 from the Agra University

(6)          Become Advocate in 1969. Enrolment No.- WB/286/69Income Tax Pan No.:ADQPD 6137N Assessed under Income Tax Since 1970-1971. Engaged in Profession.Personal Activities :( 1) 1953-56 – R.S.S. devotee (School Life)

(2) 1957 – Came in contact with Ramakrishna Mission at Bankura

and stayed for two years in the Hostel.

(3) 1961-1962 – Worked as Headmaster in Village High

School Voluntarily after B.Sc.

(4) 1962-1964 Engaged in Village Politics and become President

(working) in 1964 of Narrah Anchal Panchayet as Congress

Candidate during the period and engaged in Contractory

business also.1964 –1965 :D id social work in the area resulting to be selected by Govt. of India to go to U.S.A. The Scholarship of the Central Government as a “Grass Root Ambassador”. being 1st in Selection at New Delhi for the Project of “Deep Hole method of paddy Cultivation” and “Longest length of Sugarcane cultivation” on my own land being 1st in the State of West Bengal.

Met President the then Sarbapalli Radhakrishnan and Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Attended Conference in U.N.O. Building, U.S.A. Pakisthani Mr. Bhutto even.

Met and stayed 2/3 nights at Washington D.C. with the then Ambassador of India –Chester Bowls who proposed to help me to do Politics India but I told, I want to give birth to child and to rear them up and then to do Politics at Last.1966:Government of America had sent me to Turkey for “Rural Youth Leadership Development Programme”. One American Boy and myself with the Finance Ministry conducted the Programme having Power of withdrawl of money from the exchequer of the Govt. of Turkey during the period. Later, visited many Countries in Europe and came back to India.1966:Up to 1969 March – Studied M.A and LL.B. Being the last batch LL.B. of 2 years course (Advocates Act, 1961 Section 29 (c) (iiia).1969 May:Started legal Profession in Taxation at Purulia District Town as Bankura District did not have any Income Tax Office that time and attempts were made by me personally to start office at Bankura.1973 July :Bankura Income Tax Office was started by my alone struggle and become Founder President of Bankura Tax Bar Association and continuing the same. Started practice in Tribunal Income Tax also. Became devotee of Bharat Sevashram Sangha as adjacent of Income Tax Building since this time.1975 :P urchased Chamber at Calcutta at Strand Road, Calcutta for professional work at Calcutta High Court.1980:1st Life Member of ISKCON in the District of Bankura by donation of Rs.2222/- only during this time. Became Life Member of Biswa Hindu Parisad.1981:Started practice at Calcutta High Court in Civil Matters and started Civil practice independently on selected cases only. I am never been junior in profession in any level from lower Court to Supreme Court.1984:Started N.G.O at my Village Narrah for Social work. Visited U.S.A and Europe relating to International Arbitration Conference and visited many countries.1986:Started English Medium School Building construction in my native Village – Narrah, naming the place as “Ramakrishna Nagar”. The School is named as “Satyanarayan Academy”, the First C.B.S.E. English Medium Co-educational Residential School in the District of Bankura. Obtained Secondary Affiliation in the year 1999-2000 and I am the Founder President since then till date. Obtained Affiliation of Senior Secondary in the year 2011 with Science and Commerce stream. A Unique I.D. of N.G.O.No.WB/2009/0013271.Website having F.C.R.A. number with 80G, Franchise/ Branch School at Katwa (District Burdwan) of the School Satyanarayan Academy since 2008. More than 600 Boys and Girls passed form this Institution till 2013-14 with good results.1986:Started Own Chamber as “S.N. Datta & Associates”, Solicitors & Advocates at 7B, Kiran Sankar Roy Road, 4th Floor, Kolkata-700001 by selling Strand Road Chamber for convenience to practice at High Court.1987 :P resent Hon’ble President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, started RASTRIYA SAMAJBADI CONGRESS PARTY and stayed in my house at Bankura for many days when Sisir Bose, Ananda Biswas and many Political personalities were my guest.

Moreover, my Chamber Place at Bankura was the Primary School set up by Vidyasagar about 150 years back as evidenced by document with Banga Vidyalay at Bankura. Near “SATYANARAYAN  ACADEMY”  in  the  village  Shibrampur, constructed   “DURGA  MANDIR” by  three years spending  a  sum  of  Rs.3. Lakhs  donating  on  a name plate  on  the  account  of  the  School  for  the villagers. Every year,  my  family  observes  the DURGA PUJA  Festival staying   at  School  Premises.1991:Started practice in Supreme Court, New Delhi independently and never been junior in Profession in any level.1996 Om Shanti i.e. Prajapita Brahamakumari Iswariya Viswa Vidyalay (Worship of Siva) was brought at Bankura on my initiative after getting training at Mt. Abu for a week with my wife and celebration of opening was done in the house at Rampur, Bankura.2003:Associated with B.Ed. College as Life Member with Mohanananda B.Ed College Nadiha, Durgapur. The First Private B.Ed. College under Burdwan University.2005:Associated with Trinamul since its birth and on request, I was a Candidate in Bankura, Municipal Election in 2005. Smt. Mamata Banerjee came to Bankura for my canvassing even.2010:Attended Haridwar on the 1st International Conference of religion on the Programme of Swami Ramdevji of Patanjali Swabhiman Trust. Visited with wife to Dubai for 2 weeks or more.2012:Become President of Five Ashrams of Ramakrishna Mission Affiliated under Yugacharya Vivekananda Seva Samity at Radhamohanpur in the District Purulia, besides at Amdanga, Keshikocha, Pali, and Kadma in the District of Bankura and involved in the Development of SABAR Classes of People besides Scheduled Tribes boys and girls having Residential Schools in all the centers.2013:Attended Haridwar at Patanjali Center on conference of Advocates of India called by Swami Ramdevji.  Son at Bankura, son at School both– Observed my 75th Birth day stepping on 25.08.2013 with pomp and splendor.2014:In the month of March, I became the 1st Life Member of Patanjali, Swavbhiman Trust of Swami Ramdevji at Bankura District & Town by donating Rs.1 Lakh. 









 :In the month of June, attended Patanjali, Haridwar on the Conference of Swami Ramdevji also.

In July, attended Guru Purnima at Puri before Swami Nischalananda Sarswati of Sankaracharya with my wife.

On  25-11-2014,  attended  Sibir  at Haridwar  fro  3  days  with  wife to  donate  5   acres  of  land  for  the  set  up  of  Acharya Kulam  at  the Mouza  Balarampur  near  Satyanarayan Academy.  On  that period,  I  became  the  Chairman  of  Legal  Cell  of  West  Bengal  of  Patanjali Group  Swabhiman  Trust.


Other Activities:I have set up many Organisation in life.

1. Satyanarayan Datta (P) Ltd. (1978)

2, Satyanarayan Trust (1978)

3. Mallabhum Finance and Investment (P) Ltd. (1981)

4. S.N. Datta & Associates, Solicitors & Advocates (1982).

5. Sabasana Lodge (1986).

6. Datta Taxation (1992)

7. Satya Narayan Academy ((N.G.O) (1994)

8. Satya Narayan Rural Education and Social Research

Institute (N.G.O) (2007) (SRE & SRI).

9. Narrah Anchal Farmers Limited liability Partnership

(2010). Saradamoni Cold Storage as proposed.

10. Hi-tech Real Estate Developer (2012)

11. Bankura EMU FARM (2013)  Associated with:-

(1)   Bankura Bar Association, since 1969

(2)   Bankura Red Cross Society, since 1977

(3)   Bankura Tax Bar Association, since 1973

(4)   Bankura Chamber of Commerce, since 1981

(5)   President Bankura Zilla Tambuli Samaj, 2007

(6)   President Bankura Zilla Hotel & Lodge Owners Association 2009Summary :My wife was my student.  I am the father of three sons and all are educated from Ramakrishna Mission Schools with Hostels. The eldest son is settled at U.S.A. as was sent to him by my pursuit after his B.Com. He is educated in U.S.A. for B.B.A/M.B.A/C.P.A and now Vice President of a Multinational Company in U.S.A. The Second son is B.Com. LL.B. Tax Advocate and practicing at Bankura and Calcutta.The youngest son is Advocate and the Manager of “Satyanarayan Academy”. The wife of Second son is M.A. B.Ed and Vice Principle of “Satyanarayan Academy”. The wife of the Youngest son is now a student of M.S.W. The Second Son is settled at Bankura Town The Youngest son is settled at Village Ramakrishnanagar.Post Narrah, District –Bankura, Pin-722 155.

Owing to his rich experience, he entered into the legal profession to strengthen the India’s legal system. He started his career as a Tax Advocate and without any assistance he established himself as a renowned Lawyer of High Court as well as Supreme Court. He has never been junior to anybody from lower level to Supreme Court.

In spite of being a commercial Lawyer, the love for the welfare of the rural India always pulls Mr. Datta to his village. He has founded SATYANARAYAN GROUP that takes care of every section of the society. He has also set up SATYANARAYAN ACADEMY, the School in his native village for imparting education to the rural India.