Aims and Objectives

The Ideology of Indian Philosophy in the Educational sphere, where an Education Institution is described as a “Man Making Factory” is a truth beyond exaggeration. We at our institution seek to fulfill this objective by imparting Value Based Education for the all-round development and harmonious growth of the Children. The aim of the education should be to enable the children to become physically strong, mentally fit and spiritually developed.

Ours is a unique venture that has blended the Traditional Indian Gurukul Culture with the Western Education System for best of the interest of the students. Our aim and objective is to provide knowledge-based learning to make cultured responsible citizens and merely not to produce degree holding bookworms. The Teachers and the Students endeavor jointly in a congenial Academic atmosphere to bring out the inherent potentialities in each student. This is made possible by the constant interaction between the Taught and the Teachers, who with their understanding, affection, and love along with the required amount of strictness acts as the foster parents of the Children.