About Founder

The foundation of the School was laid down by the eminent personality Mr. Satyanarayan Datta; an Advocate par excellence. He is an M.A. (1st class, 1st), Gold Medalist, LL.B, I.F.Y.E. (U.S.A), F. I.C.A.

Mr. Datta was born in the year 1939 in a middle class family. The main part of his childhood was spent in the remote village called Narrah in the District of Bankura, West-Bengal. Right from his childhood, he was a bright student and had a keen interest in the welfare of the village. He has served the village as the Pradhan of the Panchyet. He has also volunteered as the Headmaster of Narrah High School for a short period. He upheld the name of his village when he went to America and Europe as the Agriculture Ambassador of the Government of India in the year 1965.

Owing to his rich experience, he entered into the legal profession to strengthen the India’s legal system. He started his career as a Tax Advocate and without any assistance he established himself as a renowned Lawyer of High Court as well as Supreme Court. He has never been junior to anybody from lower level to Supreme Court.

In spite of being a commercial Lawyer, the love for the welfare of the rural India always pulls Mr. Datta to his village. He has founded SATYANARAYAN GROUP that takes care of every section of the society. He has also set up SATYANARAYAN ACADEMY, the School in his native village for imparting education to the rural India.

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